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Tungsten, whose translation means “heavy stone,” has the highest melting point (~ 3422°C) and the lowest thermal expansion coefficient of all known metals.

Tungsten applications

Due to the high density, tungsten-heavy alloys are ideal candidates for balance weight applications in aircrafts such as the rotor blades of helicopters, missile guidance systems, control surfaces of aircraft elevators, rudders, and ailerons.

QSIL provides state-of-the-art components such as shafts, stationary and rotating anodes, bar materials, screws, etc., for X-ray tubes, anti-scatter grids, and multi-leaf collimators; to dynamically manipulate beam shape and deliver accurate focus during radiation therapy.

Tungsten’s radiation shielding capability is employed in off-shore drilling applications.

Tungsten’s improved machinability results in substantially lower amounts of pull-outs and chips during processing, making it ideal for fabricating sophisticated engineering components through precision machining.

QSIL is heavily involved in the Additive Manufacturing (AM, also known as 3D printing) of pure tungsten and tungsten-heavy alloys.

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