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Here you will find soon the specifications of our materials as well as further certificates for download.

Responsible sourcing of raw materials

Extraction of raw materials contributes significantly to economic development in resource-rich countries.

In regions of conflict and instability, however, raw material extraction and trade can be linked to the financing of violent conflicts as well as human rights violations (e.g. child labour). Our intention is therefore to do our utmost to ensure that our products do not contain metals (tantalum, tungsten, gold, tin) that contribute to conflict or serious human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or other conflict-affected or high-risk areas (CAHRAs) as defined by the OECD Guidelines. Responsible sourcing of conflict commodities is part of our Corporate Principles, whereby we commit our suppliers as we are committed by our customers. With our "Raw Materials Policy" and the annual "5-Step Report", we commit ourselves to a risk-based due diligence in the supply chain. In an annual audit, we have the status of a "conflict-free and responsible smelter in the tantalum sector" confirmed.

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