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Our location in Taicang (China)

Completing the global footprint of QSIL, Taicang is our Tungsten Center of Excellence with a focus on high quality fabricated components.​

Our team
65 employees

Our experience
> 15 years

Our site
 5.150 m²



QSIL offers solutions for highest performance in critical aerospace applications.

Medical technology

QSIL is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance materials for state-of-the-art medical devices.

Industrial / Furnace

QSIL produces refractory industrial equipment for the toughest industrial conditions.


Our Cold Isostatic Press offers following capabilities:​

  • Bladder containment, 1.4m effective diameter, 4.65m depth, 248mpa​
  • Used to consolidate tungsten and tungsten alloy​

Our high-temperature Sintering Furnaces offer following capabilities:​

  • Pure tungsten susceptor, 500KW, High Temperature (2,300°C) Sintering Furnace, 3,000kg​
  • Sintering ingots and blanks for machining​


H.C. Starck Specialty Materials (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
Taicang Zhongyu Science Park
No.111 N.Dongting Rd of Taicang
Taicang City Jiangsu Province 215400

Phone: +49 36601 922101
E-mail: sales.hermsdorf(at)

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